Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wolfy, Julian, and Alien?

A few new pieces that were commissioned by some friends up in Chicago. The Giger alien is probably the oddest yet surprisingly enjoyable commission I have done.


Danae said...

i love your art. a lot.

miguel said...

Intriguing alien hybrid you have there.

Samantha said...

Do you have any upcoming exhibits where your work will be at?

EB said...

Necesitas escribiar mas, por favor

Jimyeske said...

Hi Josh.
I met you at Pittsburgh Comic Con this year and discussed getting a commission from you. I'm the guy from Wintersville Oh, we spoke for a while. I would like to get a commission from you still if possible. I couldn't find your email on this site but if you can let me know it we can discuss some details.
Jim Yeske

David said...

Oh man! I just now saw this! Amber & I still have to get these framed. If you're gonna be at WWC again, we'll see you there :)